Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have an addictive personality. I don't mean that in the way that one meeting with me will have you craving my company for the the remainder of your life but in the way that I often and very quickly will become addicted to things. Now this is entirely self-diagnosed and no medical practitioner ever has even discussed this possibility with me but with a slight predisposition to self diagnosis (i.e hypochondria that once again, is entirely self-diagnosed) and the internet at hand, it seems a very likely. Basically I've decided that I can now chillbang with the likes of Charlie Sheen and other fucked up celebrities.

According to Wikipedia, people with Addictive Personalities will often "...will show impulsive behaviour such as excessive caffeine consumption, Internet usage, eating of chocolates or other sugar-laden foods, television watching, or even running."

The running does not sound like me but everything else does.

Compulsive buying is also a part of the disorder. I like buying things. A lot. Just see my book and DVD collection. I'm yet to read or watch some still. The symptoms just keep adding up. I seriously, totally have Addictive Personality Disorder.

So that is my self diagnosis. There are about another 20 of them because watch House a lot and you find out about a lot of obscure and horrible diseases that way. (Stay away from air conditioners that haven't had a water change recently- Legionnaires Disease sounds horrible and causes all sorts of symptoms apparently.)

Note to self: Try to stay away from the internet. It doesn't help, it just terrifies and enables you. And stay away from drugs and alcohol. Actually this gives you the best excuse to be an antisocial git and not go to parties. You can online shop instead. This is awesomebutnotatthesametime.

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