Saturday, May 19, 2012

Modern History can die

I normally enjoy the subject immensely but I have reached the end of my tether and now all I can do is dream of wrapping a rope around the subject's throat and pulling tightly until the only sound that remains is the sound of my own ragged breathing and grateful sobs that it is "finally over."

Extreme? Most definitely. But when you have to write a 1500+ word essay on a topic that will have very little research supporting it, because let's face it, America won't admit to its mistakes in the Vietnam War (I don't think many countries would but at the moment, that is entirely beside the point) I dare you not to feel this same frustration (especially when you know a lot thanks to general discussions with your teacher but it seems as though she has made up her information because it DOES. NOT. EXIST. ANYWHERE.)

Should I be working on it now? Yes. Will I? Probably not because I fear that it will result in the research book that is at least one third of my grade torn up by a blue biro.

But I will go before bad grammar can take over any more of this post. May the rest of your weekend be more enjoyable than mine.

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